Which Source of Finance? Battleships Quiz

The Questions: Select the MOST appropriate source of finance in each situation

1) A Partnership wanting to buy new premises?

2) A PLC needing more raw materials in order to increase production?

3) A school that wants 30 new computers for an ICT room?

4) An LTD that is looking to expand by taking over a competitor?

5) A sole trader who will not have enough cash available in ONE month next year?

6) A business that needs to use specialist machinery for 2 months, but will not need it again afterwards?

7) A mobile hairdresser who is just setting up in business and needs to buy a vehicle to visit clients?

8) A retailer who wants to set up a temporary Christmas shop during November and December?

9) A successful sole trader who wants to set up a website to increase sales?

10) A business wanting to take on and train new workers in an area that has high unemployment and government help is available?

Rules of Engagement:
To win you need to sink the Fleet
The Fleet consists of 1 Battleship (3 cells),
1 Minesweeper (2 cells) and 2 Submarines (1 cell each).
Only Correct Answers win you a shot.
Fire a shot by clicking on the map below.
Aim carefully, there are more cells than questions!
Good Hunting !

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