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Edexcel A2 Business Studies (2008)

The A2 Theory Notes have been mapped across the 2008 Edexcel A2 Business Studies specifications, by unit and then by section. 

Unit 3: International Business

3.1: Why Does A Business Seek International Markets?

3.1.1: Product Reasons to Trade Internationally HTML5 Version
3.1.2: Market Reasons to Trade Internationally HTML5 Version        

3.2: Key Players In The World Economy

3.2.1: Key Players in the World Economy HTML5 Version        

3.3: How Does A Company Decide Which Countries To Target?

3.3.1: Assessment of Country Markets HTML5 Version        
3.3.2: Comparative Advantage and Specialisation HTML5 Version        

3.4: Other Considerations Before Trading Internationally

3.4.1: Responsibility to Stakeholders HTML5 Version        
3.4.2: Social and Cultural Differences HTML5 Version        
3.4.3: Tariffs, Laws and Quotas HTML5 Version        

3.5: Globalisation

3.5.1: Global Industries HTML5 Version        
3.5.2: Global Marketing HTML5 Version        
3.5.3: Global Market Niches HTML5 Version        

3.6: Are Multinationals A Force For Good Or Should They Be Controlled?

3.6.1: Benefits That Multinationals 
Bring to Overseas Countries
HTML5 Version        
3.6.2: Potential Negative Impacts of 
Multinationals on Overseas Countries
HTML5 Version        
3.6.3: Can Multinational Firms be Controlled? HTML5 Version